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    The Institute for High Quality Care (IHQC) is launching their Quality Improvement Summit Series later this summer. This summit will be virtual and will consist of four 90-minute sessions spanning late-August through the end of September.

    · Session #1: Re-Engaging Patients and Staff

    o Topics for considerations: How are health centers bringing patients back for in person preventive/chronic care? What outreach/messaging are they using? How are they re-engaging patients AND their staff in preventative/chronic care?

    · Session #2: Optimizing Care Delivery: In-Person, Virtually, and Everything Between

    o Topics for considerations: How are health centers balancing virtual and in-person care, especially as in-person care continues to scale up? What telehealth operations/management can be standardized to free up more staff time for other in-person care? What are some best practices around remote patient monitoring?

    · Session #3: Priority Measures for Quality Care Delivery

    o Topics for considerations: Linking value to QI and understanding the ROI of QI; exploring QI priorities for the coming year; updates to key UDS measures and other required reporting

    · Session #4: Forecasting a Future State: Implications of CalAIM

    o Topics for considerations: What does health center readiness for CalAIM look like, and how are payers considering upcoming CalAIM changes?

    IHQC is also looking for panelists to share and present their work at each of the Summit sessions, so if you have any recommendations for potential SB or Riverside clinic speakers or subject-matter experts please let us know!

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