Medical Assistant- Back Office

Medical Assistant- Back Office

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Primary Responsibility:
To support the provider by providing caring, personalized and efficient handling of
patients, medical records, supply management and other duties as assigned. In addition
the medical assistant provides appropriate feedback to the medical team, follow-up
information to patients and correctly inputs data as required. The medical assistant may
be assigned other duties as appropriate. The medical assistant maintains all the required
certifications and skills necessary to function within the scope of the Medical assistant
laws of California.

Key Position Responsibilities
• Keeps all information confidential and complies with HIPAA regulations.
Understands and complies with OSHA and any other regulatory requirements.
• Learns the policies and procedures for each individual center and clinic. Learns
the preferences of individual providers.
• Inventories, orders and manages adequate stocking of medical/office supplies.
• Assists in orientation to new medical assistants office staff.
• Assists in projects such as quality assurance studies as directed by the provider or
clinic management.
• Provides accurate information and appropriate assistance to patients, visitors, and
members of the health care team.
• Uses good judgment and appropriate resources in dealing with difficult patients.
• Assist as required in emergencies.
• Manage individual responsibilities with little or no direction and maintain
flexibility in responding to new priorities.
• Attend and participate in Clinical Operations Committee and In-service meetings
as appropriate.
• Follow-up on any specific patient or family problems with appropriate reporting
and referrals.
• Input patient information for appropriate charting and data collection. Performs
accurate, legal and ethical documentation at all times.
• Maintain fluent bilingual communication skills in Spanish.
• Responsible for any new policies, procedures and duties as needed within the
scope of medical assistance law.
• Is knowledgeable and can assist in front office duties if needed.
• Other duties as assigned.

Specific Skills
• Intake history with at least 3 descriptive terms.
• Obtain vital signs including but not limited to blood pressure, weight, height,
pulse, respirations and temperature.
• Record patients’ medical and social history, vital signs and information such as
test results.
• Learns and uses appropriate charting in the electronic health records.
• Prepare and administer medications as directed and supervised by a provider.
• Collect blood, tissue or other laboratory specimens, log the specimens
appropriately and prepare them for the specific test.
• Explain treatment procedures, medications, diets and provider’s instructions to
• Help providers examine and treat patients, handling the instruments and materials
or performing such tasks as giving injections.
• Assist the providers refill and provide prescription information to pharmacies.
• Prepare treatment and other rooms for examinations, keeping the rooms neat and
clean. Restock examination rooms.
• Clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies.
• Schedule appointments for patients – if necessary.
• Obtain nasal smears, finger sticks and throat cultures as ordered by the provider.
• Greet and register patients arriving at the center.
• Assist with the referral coordinator or case manager to obtain specialty care,
follow-up care or laboratory procedures – if necessary.
• Perform general office duties as necessary such as answering telephones or
helping patients complete forms or read information.
• Assist in the ordering of medical, lab, and office supplies and equipment.
• Perform routine laboratory tests per CLIA waived regulations, record daily
control tests completed and record refrigerator and freezer temperatures twice
• Keep medical/office equipment clean and in working condition. Advise provider
or manager if something is broken.
• Provide electrocardiograms, hearing and vision test as trained and ordered by the
• Use CPR skills if required and first aid skills as needed.
• Disposes of biohazard waste according to OSHA standards.

Position Qualifications
• Certified Medical Assistant
• Two years previous experience preferred
• Certification by the State is preferred.
• Must have knowledge of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.
• Willingness to learn new skills and procedures
• Good verbal, telephone and communication skills.
• Can read and write in English.
• Work cooperatively with staff
• Has knowledge of MS office and is comfortable with using the computer
• Bilingual in Spanish and English
• Can adjust to new environments easily
• Has own car and a valid driver license
• Maintains current CPR certification
• Obtains CHDP approved audiometery certification

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