Voting Rights

Important Dates:

✔ September 22, 2020 – National Voter Registration Day
October 19, 2020 – Last day to register to vote
November 3, 2020 – Election Date

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Who Can Vote
  • United States Citizen and a resident in California 18 years old or older
  • Not currently in state or federal prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony. (For more info on the rights of people who have been incarcerated, please click here.)
  • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court. (For more info please click here.)
Ways to Vote

Vote at a polling place:
To find your polling location contact your county elections office here or call the voter hotline at (800)345-8683.
Vote by mail: 
To request a vote-by-mail ballot, your application must be received no later than 7 days before Election Day. You can complete the application in the county Voter Information Guide you received from your county elections office or fill in a California Vote-By-Mail Ballot Application you can print, sign, and mail to your county elections office. You may also contact your county elections official to see if your county allows you to apply by telephone.


How to check if you are registered to vote?

To find out if you are currently registered to vote, visit Check Status of Your Voter Registration.

How to track my mailed ballot?

You can track your ballot by visiting this website,

Do I need to re-register?

You only need to re-register to vote when:

  • You change your name, or
  • You changed your political party choice.

To re-register click here.

How to safely vote in person?

One or more early voting locations will be available in many counties for at least four days beginning the Saturday before the November 3, 2020, election. Voting locations will offer voter registration, replacement ballots, accessible voting machines, and language assistance.

You can help keep voting locations safe for voters and election workers in these three ways:

  • Skip the line
  • Vote Early
  • Follow safety procedures

To view the voting location safety checklist, click here.