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Message from the President & CEO

        On behalf of the Community Health Association Inland Southern Region, I am honored to present the As-
        sociation’s  2020  Annual  Report.  This  year  showed  us  unprecedented
        tragedy and sorrow with the lives lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.
        2020  presented  us  with  hardships  and  challenges  unlike  any  we  had
        seen before. With the COVID-19 pandemic our membership, our part-
        ners, and our safety net communities were tested and pushed to inno-
        vate and adapt as our world changed forever. We could not be more
        proud of the leadership, collaboration, and resilience our member or-
        ganizations  have  shown  throughout  the  pandemic  and  the  quality
        care they have provided to our most affected communities.

        Once again in 2020, there were many health care policy challenges that threatened access to health
        care in the region. The Association’s member health centers added new clinical sites which increased
        access to health care in the safety-net.  Our members remain committed to being accessible, afforda-
        ble, and providing high-quality services, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Their dedi-
        cation to caring for at-risk and vulnerable populations is laudable.

        One strength of our organization is the provision of advocacy. Advocating for health center funding and
        reimbursement for telehealth services was at the top of our priority list. Strengthening the workforce is an-
        other priority for our organization. During the pandemic, the entire healthcare sector struggled with re-
        cruitment and retention for all levels of staff.  We also greatly expanded our emergency management
        focus and provided support and advocacy to the membership throughout the pandemic, acting as a
        PPE command center. We completed our first year of a medical assistant upskilling program for medical
        assistants working at our member health centers. As the Inland Empire Area Health Education Center, we
        greatly expanded our relationships with local colleges and universities, facilitated multiple learning col-
                                                   laboratives and became the first CA AHEC to have an estab-
                   Our Team                          lished curriculum with a University Medical School!

                                                     With  sincere  gratitude  I  would  like  to  thank  our  amazingly
            Jodie Wingo, MHA                         talented team for all of their hard work, support, and dedi-
            President & CEO                          cation. I would like to thank our funders, Board of Directors,
                                                     interns,  and  all  of  our  partners  for  collaborating  with  us
            Sendy Sanchez, MPH                       throughout the year. It truly was a team effort.
            Director of Policy and Projects
                                                     If 2020  has  taught  us  anything,  it  is  that  collaboration  and
            Athena Montiel, MPH                      teamwork  are  indispensable  in  healthcare.  Our  biggest
            Project Manager                          source  of  pride  from  2020  is  the  coming  together  of  our
                                                     members and community partners to help each other and
            Briana Eason, MPH                        our  communities  make  it  through  the  pandemic.  We  look
            Project Manager                          forward to continuing to grow and thrive with you all in 2021!

            Jacqueline Perez, BS                     In Partnership,
            Program Coordinator

            Janet Gonzalez, BS
            Program Coordinator                      Jodie Wingo, MHA
                                                     President & Chief Executive Officer
            Saul Castrejon, BS
            Program Coordinator

                                   Community Focused             Membership Driven

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