AHEC Scholars


The Inland Empire Area Health Educational Center (IE AHEC) Scholars is a HRSA-funded program that enables high-potential students in the health professions to explore primary care with an emphasis on community health and interdisciplinary practice in medically underserved communities. The IE AHEC meets the needs of workforce development and education in the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties by hosting educational opportunities such as trainings, internships, and also contributes to the development of health professions workforce. Curriculum modules present diverse learning opportunities that include webinars, case-based learning, self guided research, and direct skills development. The students ultimately gain a certificate in Community Health at the end of the program, along with applicable experience in community and public health. The IE AHEC has participated in the program and enrolled students since 2018.

Prospective Scholars Must Be:

Interested in primary care and community health,
Motivated to address health needs in vulnerable, underserved communities, and
Enrolled in a health program which is at least 2-year-duration (the program must have clinical training requirements and end in a degree/certificate). See a list of eligible health professions program.


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To view our 2021-2022 IE Scholars Program Wrap-Up, please click here.



Local University Partnerships:


University of California Riverside, School of Medicine                                              California State University, San Bernardino, College of Natural Sciences



California University of Science and Medicine, School of Medicine                    Loma Linda University


Azusa Pacific University


– Reach Out


– El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center


Currently, the Inland Empire AHEC partners with eight local educational institutions: Azusa Pacific University, California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM), El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center (NEC), Loma Linda University (LLU), Reach Out, University of California Riverside School of Medicine (UCR SOM), and Western University of Health Sciences.

The newest partnership was developed in early March 2023 with El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center. The AHEC team presented for their community health worker (CHW) program about our services as a health consortium and our scholars program. They shared information and distributed AHEC flyers. About half of the class chose to apply and we graciously accepted those that were eligible. Moving forward, we will be presenting for their upcoming cohorts, but will also connect them with opportunities that may be valuable to them, such as job opportunities at our members’ sites and community partners seeking to educate their employees to become CHWs. Additionally, we are working closely with Reach Out, a local community organization to provide pipeline opportunities to high school students. In particular, we are collaborating together to lead a pilot program that will educate high school students upon graduation to be certified CHWs.

All of our local partners share our vision and ultimate goal, to encourage students to continue working in our underserved communities and help address the need for health professionals within the Inland Empire. If you are interested in partnering up with us, or would like to join our AHEC Scholars program, please contact the IE AHEC Center Director – Athena Montiel (amontiel@chaisr.org).