Day at the Capitol 2021


Virtual Day at the Capitol
May 25-27, 2021


CHAISR Prep Meeting:
Friday, May 21, 2021 – 10:00 AM

 CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Prep Webinar                                                    CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Kick-Off Webinar
Thursday, May 20, 2021 – 11:00 AM (meeting recording)                                             Tuesday, May 25, 2021 – 9:15 AM

Day 1 Tuesday, May 25, 2021:

Assembly member Eloise Gomez Reyes
Met with ASM Reyes & Shannon Flores, Legislative Aide (



Assembly Member Chad Mayes
Met with Brandon Ebeck, Legislative Director (

Senator Anthony Portantino
Met with Senator Portantino, Rhiannon Ripley ( and Arda Tchakian, District Representative (

Meetings Not Pictured:

Assembly member Randy Voepel – Met with Lily Movsisyan, Capitol Director (
Senator Richard Roth – Met with Alex Norring, Legislative Director (
Assembly member Eduardo Garcia – Met with Rexford Scott, Legislative Aide (
Senator Scott Wilk – Met with Baltazar Cornejo, Legislative Aide (

Day 2 Wednesday, May 26, 2021:


Assembly member Thurston “Smitty” Smith 
Met with Dillon Lesovsky, Chief of Staff (



Senator Connie M. Leyva
Met with Jessica Golly, Legislative Director (

Assembly Member James Ramos
Met with ASM Ramos and Gavin White, Legislative Aide (


Senator Melissa Melendez
Met with Amanda Fischer, District Representative (

Meetings Not Pictured: 
Assembly member Freddie Rodriguez – Met with Andrew Avila, Senior Assistant (
Assembly member Kelly Seyarto

Day 3 Thursday, May 27, 2021:


Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh
Met with Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh and Scott Terrell, Legislative Aide (


Assembly Member Chris Holden
Met with Catherine Del Rosario, District Director ( ) and Hector Rodriguez, Field Representative (

Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes
Met with ASM Cervantes and Paco Torres (


Assembly Member Jose Medina
Met with Omar Hashemyan, Legislative Aide ( and Aaron Dill, Field Representative (


SD 16- Senator Shannon Grove
SD 23- Senator Rosilice Ochoa Bogh
SD 31- Senator Richard D. Roth
SD 20- Senator Connie M. Leyva
SD 25- Senator Anthony J. Portantino
SD 21- Senator Scott Wilk
SD 28- Senator Melissa Melendez

AD 33- Assembly Member Thurston “Smitty” Smith
AD 42- Assembly Member Chad Mayes
AD 56- Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia
AD 67- Assembly Member Kelly Seyarto
AD 40- Assembly Member James Ramos
AD 47- Assembly Member Eloise Gomez Reyes
AD 60- Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes
AD 71- Assembly Member Randy Voepel
AD 41- Assembly Member Chris Holden
AD 52- Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez
AD 61- Assembly Member Jose Medina